Maryland Mayors Association | About Chapter Captains
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About Chapter Captains

About Chapter Captains

In an effort to directly align MMA’s activities to further our purpose – helping our members better serve their municipalities – three years ago, the role of Chapter Captain was created. Chapter Captains are mayors who have agreed to serve as the liaison between MMA and their MML Chapter. We appreciate their efforts and hope to use this position to strengthen communication among mayors in each region.

As the regional MMA liaison, Captains will:

  • Attend their region’s chapter meetings. They will update the chapter on any MMA matters/issues that may be of importance to the Chapter and, in turn, update the MMA body on any chapter/regional matters that may be of importance to the Mayors Association.
  • Serve as the primary point-of-contact with the General Assembly delegation staff to help coordinate logistics during the MMA Winter Conference legislative day. Captains will be asked to ensure the delegation is aware the Mayors plan to attend; as well as ensure attending Mayors from their region are prepared for the delegation meeting.


If any mayor is interested in becoming a Chapter Captain, please contact MMA President Sadara Barrow at

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